The correct way to print

Powerful supports. Intuitive user interface. Slicing . Repair STL easily.

Export many formats.

Simple guided workflow

Unyk can guide you throughout the entire preparation process, step by step, making it very simple to have your job ready in no time, definitely the best 3D printing Software. 

All Supported

Automatically or Manually, Unyk has a big variety of support types for any kind of object. More







Damaged files? let’s repair

Inverted triangles. Irregular edges. Small edges. Holes. Bad Shells. Overlaps. Intersections.

Fast and Easy to Repair all.

Add labels for tracking your printings

Define your text, choose the font, select the size, emboss or deboss, and insert to the parts.

Cut in Various Ways

Split the big objects into several parts, print and easily assemble it afterward.

Many other features

Make your object hollow

Saving a lot of material.

Measuring tools

Distance, radius, and angle.

Stack print with adding levels

Optimize your printed area by stacking more objects with the Add Level feature.

Work with STL and SLC simultaneously

No conversion necessary, improve your workflow.

Several ways to print your object

Find the most suitable position to print your object with the Orientate feature.

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